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All there is to know about Howling Wolf Ironworks!

Howling Wolf Ironworks opened in 2003, in 2013 we will be celebration a decade of operation.

Since our humble beginings as a small back alley forge our shop has matured into a smithy and armory worthy of keeping old world traditions alive.

Kyle Allison is the owner of Howling Wolf Ironworks and a Journeyman Blacksmith has worked as a traditional blacksmith and armorer. He has made, altered and repaired various types of armor ranging from chainmail, to plate, to kevlar, to even field expedient humvee armor. Kyle has worked with master blacksmiths and studied historical work in the American Northwest, Europe, and even Afghanistan. Recently he started working with a nearby ferrier to begin offering some equine services.

Our shop is not normally open to the public, but we are willing to organise demonstrations on or off site. We also welcome the oportunity to work with visiting smiths. Please contact us to make arangements.

This website was hand crafted at our shop. And now a word from our mascot, the howling wolf...