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16th Century Morion Helmet

Morion helmets
Availible polished and forge blackened

Please specify head circumference when ordering

Select plate set

Breast Plate

Simple peascod design with many custom options
Armor is normaly Polished but may be blankened,
painted or lacquered on reqest
Contact us for more options
Pricing coming soon

21st Century Ballistic Armor, sets

Tested to defeat rifle threats (M80, M855, M43)
Curved, option of painted or anti-spall coated
US sales only
Buyer responsible for compliance with law

Select plate set
21st Cent Ballistic Armor, Individual Plates

Front/Back and Side plates sold apeice
Same as items to the left
US sales only
Buyer responsible for compliance with law

Select individual plate
Steel Demi Gauntlets

For reenacting made to SCA standard
Please specify size when ordering
Custom options availible

Select finish

Clam Shell Gauntlets

Forged from 16 guage steel for sport combat

Select finish

Winged Elbow Cops

Made in 16 guage steel for sport combat

Various Styles
<-- Dropdown will go here -->

Select finish

Gothic Floating Elbows

Formed in 16 guage steel.

Limited qty. prices pending

Winged Knee Cops

Formed from 16 guage steel

Select finish

Roman Greaves

Formed in 16 ga steel for sport combat
Can be made in other weights
Wings are added on request only

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