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Forged pole arms and edged weapons


This example is shown in the German Style
We use heavy ash shafts polearms
Heads may be purchased separately

Select style
Scimitar Swords

May be balanced for fighting or
belly dance applications
This is a custom made to order item
Contact us directly to order

Bodkin Arrow/Bolt Heads

These heads were designed to penetrate armor
Feature a tapered diamond or square head
Forged with a rolled socket for 5/16ths shafts

Select Quantity
Twisted Rail Spike Knives

Forged from hand selected High Carbon Steel spikes
Many colors and options
Contact us for customization

Pompeii Gladius

Constructed from detailed photos of the original
Features a forged cross tip like the original
Coming soon. Contact us for details

Long Blade w/ Hand Guard Spike Knives

Forged from selected HC spikes


Various Styles

Leaf style Spear Head

Forged socketed head