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Traditional Archery Equipment

Handmade wood bows

Hard wood longbows

Limited Availibility (Contact us about ordering)

Wood Arrows

Sold in flights of 6 and 12
Many colors and options
Contact us directly to order
Aproximate prices $75/dozen, $40/6 arrows

Replacement Bowstrings

Replacement strings for our bows
We can make strings for your other bows too!
Contact us to order
Limited stock, mostly made to order

Bees Wax

Recommended maintenance for bows and strings

Select finish
Bodkin Arrow/Bolt Heads

These heads were designed to penetrate armor
Feature a tapered diamond or square head
Forged with a rolled socket for 5/16ths shafts

Select Quantity
Fletching feathers

Many colors and styles to choose
Please contact us directly to order
Due to recent cost increases stock is limited