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Penannular Brooch

Cloak or Kilt Brooches
Availible in black, scale grey, and polished

Brooch options
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Eating Utensils

Availible as a set or idividualy
Choice of Black, Scale Grey and Polished
Contact us for more options

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Shepard's Hooks

Hooks for Yard/Camp use
Availible in S/M/L sizes
Various Styles

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Door Hinges

Functional decorative home/barn hinges
Surface textured with decorative hammering
Please contact us to discuss custom designs

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Coat/Utility Hooks

Hooks for the home and workplace

Various Styles to chose from

Please specify mounting meathod when ordering

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Steel Striker fire kits

Fire starting tool

We will also be offering flints soon

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Fishing Hooks

Eyeless hooks for catching fish

The hook the Snell knot was made for!

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Campfire grills

This grill quickly dissasembles into straight
sections for easy portability and modification.

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